Greetings from Osmond,

It is all you hear and all you read, on every news story and the talk amongst everyone.  Coronavirus has changed our lives for the moment.  But, this is not the time to panic, this is the time to use common sense and clear thinking.  Staying away from crowds of people...Good Idea; Staying home if you feel sick...Good Idea; Washing your hands...Good Idea; buying up all the hand sanitizer, toilet paper, thermometers, Vitamin C, and Tylenol...BAD IDEA!

This will soon be over, in the meantime, simplify things, make your world smaller, and be patient.  

As for us here at the Osmond Pharmacy, I guess we are essential, or so the government tells us.  Our doors are not locked, but we will offer curbside delivery to you if you prefer, mailouts, and as always, Vern will be happy to deliver to your house.  Let us know.  Be patient and kind, we have been working very hard, and this is a challenging time for everyone.

If you are tired of thinking and talking about Coronavirus just call and we can talk allergies, guitars, baseball, 70's rock, or whatever you may have on your mind, I have an opinion on just about every subject!

Enjoy the bounty that God has provided us.  Remember, each day is a gift.  

Til next time,