Greetings from Osmond,

I have been made aware, that I haven't written anything new for a while.  I have no valid excuse so I will try to come up with something.

As you are all aware, it has been a very dry and windy Winter and Spring.  Lots of dust and stuff blowing around is causing a lot of allergy symptoms.  Stop by and we can set you up with something that will help.  

May 5, 1997 we began our little journey here at Osmond Pharmacy.  It will soon be 25 years that you all have blessed me and my family by trusting me to take care of your medication needs.  Thank you all, and hopefully if the insurance companies and PBM's will let us, we would like to be here taking care of you for a while to come (probably not another 25 years, though).  No celebrations for this anniversary, but know that I am truly grateful for your trust, loyalty, and kindness.  

If you have any questions about anything, please stop in or call and we can talk allergies, guitars, baseball, old trucks, 70's rock, or whatever you may have on your mind, I have an opinion on just about every subject!

Enjoy the bounty that God has provided us.  Remember, each day is a gift.  

Til next time,